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Terms & Conditions Agreement Form

Please read, fill out form, sign and submit.

If you have any questions please call our office at (330)-989-5100

  1. By signing Customer agrees to take full responsibility to the unit(s) delivered by ASAP Sanitary Service LLC of any & all damages that may occur while in the customers possession on the rental term at the delivery address listed. This is only waived if the customer agrees to the damage waiver program.

  2. If renting a monthly unit, customer understands that the rental price given is good for a (2) month minimum. If customer does not keep unit for the minimum, they will be responsible to pay for the 2nd month.If units are blocked or unserviceable customer can/will be charged for an additional cleaning.

  3. All weekend rentals are to be paid in advance before the scheduled delivery day.

  4. Customers agrees to a $50.00 per unit cancellation fee, if cancelled.

  5. Customers are not permitted to move units from the location ASAP Sanitary places them, if moved customer is responsible to pay a pick-up fee or rental fee depending on the situation, for example if we are unable to remove the unit from the location it is in or unit is blocked by a vehicle (etc.)

  6. Customer agrees to hold ASAP Sanitary Services LLC harmless for any certain kinds of expenses, losses, or damages that may result from a particular transaction.

Agreement for Terms & Conditions
for ASAP Sanitary Services.

Thanks for completing ASAP  Sanitary Services

Terms & Conditions Agreement

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