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Special Event Portable Restrooms

Knowing which Portable Restroom is right for you?

Planning a Event? Then its a good idea to think about renting a portable restroom.

Northeast Ohio residents can count on us for free planning assistance.


Simply just let us know what your planning and we can advise you on what you will need and which products best suit your needs.


ASAP Sanitary maintains qualified personnel, all of whom adhere to our professional standards. We provide clean portable restrooms. We listen to our customers, taking the time to understand their expectations and needs.


Use the chart below to approximate how many units

you will need to help you plan your order.

Our special event units are equipped with;

Spacious interiors

3 Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser

Hand sanitizer

65 gallon tank


Mirror on door

Coat hook

Sleek Style

Non- Slip Floor

Our Colors include;

Blue, Tan, Grey, Red, Pink & Dark Green

Portable Toilets
Portable Toilets
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