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No Construction Job is

Too Big or Too Small!

A clean portable restroom located on a job site sends a message that your company cares about employee needs. By placing bathrooms on your site employees  can  use a clean restroom facility. This will result in more efficient work and  improved attitude. For a proper usage ratio allow 1 unit for every 10 employees working a 40 hour week.

Always Remember; A clean portable restroom improves employee moral!


Steps for exceptional service here at ASAP:

1) Ensure the portable restroom is secure & accessible for you.

2) Clean trash from portable restroom & tank.

3) Sanitize & Wash all surfaces including walls,
urinal, toilet seat, and floor using pressure washer & cleaning chemicals

4)  Pump Holding tank

5) Add fresh water into tank & deodorant solution.

7) Re-stock toilet paper & hand sanitizer

A Plus to booking with ASAP Sanitary is that;

ASAP Sanitary has GPS tracking to ensure that all services are done within their scheduled cleaning.

Portable Toilets
Portable Toilets
Portable Toiles
Portable Toiles
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