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Porta Potty Accessories That Set Your Business Apart

Porta Potty Accessories That Set Your Business Apart

May 31, 2017 By PolyPortables

Anyone who works in our industry can spot a porta potty from a mile away. They know who made it and can tell you the differences between them without ever stepping inside. There’s no question about the in-depth knowledge operators have, when it comes to portable toilets.

For the most part, end users think like this, “Oh, another portable

toilet… great.” Pretty much the average thought, right? At least from what we read in the news, it’s pretty much dead on, if not worse.

The Cookie Cutter Problem

This is obviously a generalization, but SO many portable toilets are roughly the same size, with the same interior options, the same basic functionality and so on. When it comes to color options, we have

several. What will make us stand out? It really comes down to two things. 1 – It is super clean! 2 – What interior options we offer!

We’re coming into an age when sinks and sanitizer stations are pretty status-quo if you want to operate large events and job sites.

Porta Potty Accessories That Work

We already said it’s a pretty standard item, but you really need hand sanitizer dispensers in your portable toilets. With the negative public perception of our industry, it’s more important than ever to use accessories that serve a cleaning function! Memorial Day weekend typically marks the beginning of the busiest time of the

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