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What is the "Damage Waiver"?

ASAP Sanitary Services offers a Damage Waiver program as another service to help reduce your exposure to damages when renting a portable restroom, and to make sure their protected in case any damage occurs to our portable restrooms when they are on site or rented.

What does the Damage Waiver Program? The Damage Waiver covers normal wear and tear and vandalized equipment only with a police report.

What constitutes normal wear & tear? Normal wear & tear from deterioration of the equipment caused by ordinary, reasonable and prior use of the equipment. Damage from things such as improper use or items other than waste in the tanks is not considered normal wear and tear.

Is lost, stolen or burned equipment covered? The Damage Waiver does not cover lost, stolen or burned equipment.

Do I have to accept the Damage Waiver?You can choose not to accept the damage waiver, but you must provide proof of insurance.

What should I do if ASAP Sanitary Services equipment is lost, stolen or burned? You must notify ASAP Sanitary Services immediately & obtain all the names, addresses, phone numbers and other pertinent information from all parties or witnesses involved and contact the local police department

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